Drip coffee is still the favorite of home-coffee brewers- it’s easy, mostly hands off and can fuel a handful of people at a time. Have you ever had a cup of coffee that had been sitting around for too long? Yuck- to me it tastes very sour and burned and the chemical makeup changes. However, a drip coffee maker can make a really nice cup of coffee for a crowd. Here are a few tips to improve your drip coffee at home or at work:

  1. Pre-wet the coffee filter. A dry coffee filter can add a paper taste to the resulting coffee.
  2. Use 60g/1.1 liters (approx 7 cups) of coffee to water. Use a scale!
  3. Use freshly ground coffee. As soon as you grind coffee, it starts to lose it’s flavor. Grind before brewing if possible. You’ll want grind to be the texture to be a smidge coarser than a medium grind.
  4. Use fresh water with low mineral content for better flavor.
  5. After starting the brew, check after a minute or two that the grounds are all getting wet. If not, give it a little stir with a spoon. Otherwise, you risk some of the grounds being over or under extracted which can lead to sour notes.

Enjoy with friends and family or coworkers! Do you make drip coffee at home or the office?