Some Colombia coffee facts:

  • Colombia is one of the largest coffee producers in the world.
  • Federacion Nacional de Cafeteros is a private non-profit that acts on behalf of coffee producers and is funded by a special tax on exported coffee. It is very large and unusual in the coffee world and covers things from marketing to even rural roads in coffee producing areas.
  • Most Colombia coffee is categorized as ‘Supremo’ or ‘Excelso’ which refers to the coffee bean size, not quality or variety. Traceability is something the specialty coffee industry works hard to maintain.
  • Colombia coffees has a wide variety of flavors ranging from heavier flavors like chocolate and caramel to lighter fruitier coffees.

Colombia Finca La Peña Tasting Notes: Sweet, mulling spices, cider, clean, balanced

Our newest Colombia coffee is a delight! The following is taken from our importer’s site: This microlot is from Vereda La Milagrosa, a small village in the Department of Inzá, south Colombia. Don Campo’s farm La Milagrosa is 4 hectares in total, all 13,000 trees Caturra. Like most farmers in this region, coffee is processed daily in small batches. Hand-crank depulping machines are used to remove the coffee cherry, then fermenting for 24 hours in order to break down the layer of mucilage covering the beans. Rains are very regular in this part of the country, a benefit being coffee flowering nearly all year round. It does, however, mean drying in a covered environment. “Parabolicos” are the covered drying rooms you see at everyone’s farms, housing raised beds that with proper ventilation facilitate even drying. In effect, parabolic beds are a much gentler way of drying than direct sunlight, where often the protective layer of parchment is cracked due to rapid evaporation of moisture.

This coffee is part of our importer’s Farm Gate pricing program paying well above Fair Trade.

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