Making a solid and consistent pour over is not for the non-morning person…it is quite a bit more hands-on than other methods. Let’s make a cup together.

Equipment requirements:

Let’s make some coffee!

  1. Start off with good quality water…any off-tastes will take away from your cup! We’re pretty lucky here in Fort Collins to have really great water.
  2. Bring the water to a boil. Coffee is optimally extracted between 195 and 205 degrees. Since we’re at around 5000 feet here in Fort Collins, our water boils at around 200 degrees. Dialed. We’ll be pouring 392g.
  3. While the water boils, let’s heat everything up. Put the filter in the V60 and over the server. Pour some hot water over the filter. This will get rid of any paper taste in the filter and also heat both the V60 and the server. Now is a great time to use the same method to preheat your mug.
  4. When the water is close to boiling, let’s grind coffee. We’ll use 22g. The grind for a pour over is fairly fine, much like granulated sugar. If you aren’t getting an extraction that you quite like, review our tips for playing with your grinder. We recommend grinding a smidge extra because you will lose some in the grinder.
  5. Let’s get ready to start our pour over. Discard the water from Step 3 and place our entire set up on the scale. Zero your scale. Carefully add the 22g of coffee. Since we ground a little extra to account for loss in the grinder, you won’t use quite all of it. Re-zero your scale. Now we’re ready to brew.
  6. Let the coffee bloom.  Take your water off the boil, start your timer as your pour ~3x the water as coffee (so around 66g in this case), trying to wet all the coffee in the process. Take a spoon and dig around a little trying to make sure there aren’t any pockets of dry coffee. No need to go crazy here. Let the coffee bloom until your timer hits 30 seconds. Coffee blooming allows for the gasses in the coffee to escape.
  7. Pour the rest of the water. Now that the coffee has finished blooming, begin to pour in the remaining water (392g total). Keep pouring in a circular motion, trying to keep everything wet and consistent.
  8. Give it a swirl. Once you hit 392g, carefully grab your V60 and swirl it around a few times. This will help the coffee bed drain evenly versus channeling.
  9. Drink up! Once the water finishes draining, you are done!