Roasting Certifications & Coffee Beers.

It’s been a fun month at Peritus Coffee Roasters! Our roaster, Quinn, just finished up the classes for his next level roasting certification. We look forward to sharing some of his key takeaways on our blog over the next couple of weeks. So far we have three:

1) What is the journey from seed to cup?

2) The two primary heat transfers in the coffee roasting process

3) How is roasting an espresso blend different from roasting a single origin coffee?

We have two new places to find Peritus Coffee! The Fort Collins Food Coop in Old Town now stocks our 12oz. bags and we’ll be their featured roaster for March! We are also in an Espresso Porter at Zwei Brewing which has a nice, delicate coffee flavor. Crank-n-Brew is still cranking at Snowbank as well!

We have three new coffees this month a new Guatamala, a Costa Rica, and a washed Ethiopea (versus dry). Shop now.

This month we enjoyed participating in Coffee by the River, an informal Friday bicycle gathering by the Poudre River with hot coffee. We brought our espresso as a pour-over and our Colombia made with a drip coffee maker. It was delicious!