The holidays are in full swing! I love this time of year. The cold weather makes me so excited to wrap my hands around a hot mug off coffee in the morning and prepare for the day. We have a several new coffees…beyond the Sumatra Peaberry (read about it here), we also have a new Colombia and Guatemala.

For the holidays specifically, we also have two special blends: a Central America blend and an African blend. The African blend consists of equal parts Tanzania pulp-natural and Rwanda Mutovu Cooperative, as well as a dash of dry-processed Ethiopia Adado Salula. The Central American blend is a mix of diverse coffees from the Central American highlands.  From the La Cumbre mountains in El Salvador, to the Los Cuchumatanes in Guatemala, to the Los Arados mountains in Nicaragua. Both are delicious and will warm the soul.

For those looking for gift ideas beyond bringing some coffee to share around the breakfast table, our coffee subscriptions are a fun gift idea that gives not just once but over the course of many weeks. We also have samples packs and bag-and-a-mug combos that are a nice way to try out a variety of coffees. We can also add a minimalist holiday ribbon that is 100% compostable and made with cotton and dyed with soy inks.

Wishing you and your families the best during this fun time of year.