The grind of your coffee should vary for different coffee preparation methods. A good way to think about whether you should use a coarser or finer grind is how long the grinds and water will be in contact. Espresso, for example, has a short contact time with the water and uses pressure to aid in extraction, it therefore uses a very fine grind, almost like powdered sugar. French press, in contrast uses a long immersion time before pressing for the final product and it uses quite a coarse grind. Most of our customers make drip coffee at home, especially during the week…a proper grind for this falls pretty squarely in the middle, a bit coarser than granulated sugar and a bit finer than sugar in the raw.

If you feel your grind is close but you really want to dial it in that extra bit, play with your grinder! If you feel that the coffee is too bitter, try a slightly coarser grind. In contrast, if it is tasting a little too green or watery, try a slightly finer grind.

These little tweaks change the extraction percent and total dissolved solids of the coffee to help you dial in YOUR ideal cup of coffee. 

We have a couple different models of Virtuoso burr grinders in our online shop and at our roastery. These are great for your at-home coffee set up! Check them out.