We’ve been playing with our Refractometer and dialing in some recipe’s.

v60 pour over recipe

We’ve been getting very good results with the v60 type pour-over with the following;

26g ground coffee

449g water added

Grind of #14 on Baratza Virtuoso grinder (medium fine like fine sand)

Note: that this works for a pretty big mug (~390 of brewed).  If you need to dial it down but keep the coffee to water ratio at 26/449 and see how it works! Enjoy!

It is surprising on how the flavor can change significantly when the recipe is different.  Coffee is a personal experience so here are some ideas to alter the recipe based on your flavor preferences :

The grind is too course if the coffee tastes weak or watery.  Try one notch finer at a time to get to that cup you enjoy.  If the flavor is bitter, astringent or feels dry on the tongue, the grind is too fine.  Try one setting more course at a time to dial it in.

For the water always use clean fresh water (filtered but not distilled) at a temperature of ~200 degrees.  Roughly this would be 30 seconds or so after water boils and removing from heat.