Drip coffee is still the golden standard for coffee at home and why shouldn’t it be? It is easy, automated, consistent, and creates enough coffee for several people (or one person with a serious case of the Mondays). Home drip coffee machines have also come a long way and many varieties offer really great and even extraction.

We’ve been getting a number of people coming into our roastery lately asking all about what ratios we use for our drip coffee. Each variety and machine is different, but our starting point for most of our coffees is 1.56g of coffee per fluid ounce of water for our home drip brewer and 1.78g of coffee per fluid ounce of water for our commercial brewer. Note the water in the ratio is the water you are pouring into your brewer versus the total coffee made. Both ratios fall within the recommended coffee to water ratio which allows for the “best” development of flavor.

For grind, we recommend freshly grinding if at all possible for optimal taste and aroma…besides, who doesn’t love the smell of coffee in the morning! The general rule of thumb is that the longer the brew method, the coarser the grind you should have for your coffee. For a drip coffee method, a smidge coarser than a medium grind works great. A relatable comparison would be between Sugar in the Raw and granulated sugar.

Dialing in your grind and coffee to water ratio will get you really far. If you want to expand a little more try these other tips:

  1. Use good quality, low mineral content water.
  2. Pre-wet the coffee filter to avoid any paper taste in the coffee
  3. After adding the ground coffee to the filter and holder, tap the filter holder on the side a few times to get a nice flat surface of the grinds (this helps saturate the ground coffee more evenly)
  4. After a few minutes of brewing, check your filter to see that all the grounds are getting wet. If not, give it a little stir for even extraction. Many drip brewers nowadays do a great job with even extraction so you might not need to worry about this!

Let us know how these tips work for you or share your preferences and comment below!