We’ve been talking a lot lately about brewing coffee at home and the components that go into it. Today it’s all about the grind. Grind places an essential part into extraction. We’ve talked about it in the past, but avoiding a blade grinder and using a burr grinder is essential. A blade grinder chops the beans and it is very difficult to get an evenly ground coffee for even extraction. A burr grinder, in contrast, crushes the beans into even particles which is just what we need for a good extraction. We do offer several grinders in our shop.

If your grind is too coarse, your coffee will taste weak and if it is too fine, it will be bitter and overextracted. Neither are very enjoyable!

A good rule of thumb is, the longer the brew time, the coarser the grind. For example, below, we have a french press grind on the left versus a pour over grind on the right. For french press, try a grind similar to how Sugar in the Raw looks like. Pour over is significantly finer, a smidge coarser than granulated sugar.

coffee grind comparison fort collins

Remember, that not all coffee is created equal so one grind that might taste great with one coffee, might need to be tweaked with another. We hope these starting points help you create a better cup of coffee and know how to experiment with it is too weak or bitter.