Coffee filters also play an important roll to a great cup of coffee. Matching your grind with both your filter and coffee brewing method are essential. Here are some common filters you have probably seen:

  • Woven wire screens (i.e. French press, drip coffee)
  • Perforated metal screen (i.e. aeropress, espresso)
  • Paper filters (i.e. drip coffee, aeropress, chemex, pour over)
  • Cloth filters (i.e. pour over)french press filter fort collins

Filters will allow more or less particles to flow through to your extracted coffee, affecting the body. When we talked about the grind of your coffee last week, this is the other half of it: choosing a grind based on your filter method.

For a coffee method that allows a lot of particles through like a French press’s wire screen, you need a coarser grind to not just drink a bunch of coffee grinds, this is also why a French press has a lot of body no matter the coffee.

In contrast, take an aeropress with a paper filter. The paper filter prevents a lot of particles from getting in your coffee so you can use a finer grind and still get a nice clean cup of coffee.

Try out a few different types of filters and see if you can notice a difference in body and if you have a preference for one over the other!