At Peritus Coffee, we try to offer a solid variety of specialty coffees from a variety of the major coffee regions around the world. We love highlighting how regions can taste so different from one another.

When we start to get low on a coffee and expect to run out in 3-4 weeks, we check out the offerings that our preferred importers have. Our importers list taste attributes of their coffees and we try to find one that will match what flavor attributes we’d like to have. We also seek coffees that have a high grading score (85-92, typically). Remember also, that coffee is a crop and different regions come into season at different times during the year so we might not always be able to get coffee from a specific region.

If we’re looking to purchase a large quantity of a coffee, we’ll request samples of the coffees we think might fit our needs. Green coffee samples usually are 500g. When the samples are received, we roast and cup them and make a selection based on what fits the flavor profile we want the most. Sometimes we also brew the samples to aid in making our selection. Orders are received within a few days or a week at most, so it’s a fast turnaround!

We primarily use two different importers: Coffee Shrub and Cafe Imports. Our roaster, Quinn, starting out home roasting and using Sweet Maria’s which is Coffee Shrub’s home-roasting arm. Coffee Shrub is our preferred importer for smaller quantities like 50 lb bags. We love that they have deep relationships with farmers and have created the Farmgate Program which goes above and beyond Fair Trade.

As we’ve grown, we’ve started using Cafe Imports for larger quantities of coffee. They have a broader selection and are known in the industry for high levels of ethics, a quality supply chain, and promotion of sustainability.

We’re proud to purchase coffee through both of these importers. We hope this gives a little insight into how we choose coffees to offer!