Here is an Informative and interesting perspectives from our importer, Red Fox Coffee Merchants on Ethiopia Yabitu Koba:

Let’s start from the top….Guji has become one our top regions at Red Fox. Just northeast of Gedeb is Uraga, at the northern end of Guji zone, and is the highest elevation coffee-producing area in the country at 2300 masl.    Uraga, is home to some of our longest-standing relationships and absolute favorite coffees.  If you have a topographic map, you’ll find Gedeb on the western-facing slope of a mountain. Uraga lies to the northeast, the town of Banco sits in the valley on the mountain’s southeastern-facing slopes, Hagere Mariam a bit further south. Now, draw a loop on your map around all four. The ever-so-slightly older version of myself currently considers this area to be coffee’s greatest treasure chest of all. The lots coming out of this tiny area can be some of the most explosive coffees on the planet. Not Kenya explosive, but those honeysuckle, jasmine, wildflower honey masterpieces that we all know can only be found in Ethiopia. Coffees with ripe fruit flavors of every kind — meyer lemon, white grape, ripe red berry, currant, nectarine, kiwi, and beyond. They’re all there.

Guji is my favorite region in the entire coffee universe. I have a hard time getting past the unique and enticing floral character. I’m a sucker for that ripe peach, raw honey, and assam finish. They’re just so ridiculously refreshing, often reminiscent of watermelon juice. What else do you want?

Ethiopia Yabitu Koba
Region: Guji
District: Uraga
Cooperative: Oromia Coffee Farmer’s Cooperative Union
Washing station: Yabitu Koba
Altitude: 1900-2200 MASL (6,200 – 7,200 feet)
Variety: Ethiopian heirloom
Process: Washed
Fermentation: wet – up to 48 hours
Drying Method: Raised beds
Importer: Red Fox Coffee Merchants
Tasting Notes: Ripe peach floral honeysuckle, apricot, raw honey, brown sugar

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