It’s been such a great month forĀ us! With the fall, we’ve roasted up some really warm and rich coffees for those chilly mornings. Our Sumatra Lintong is the perfect cold weather coffee with rich notes of raw sugars, cedar, tobacco, and smokey chocolate. The El Salvador also is a great winter coffee with butter, caramel, and cocoa notes.

We are also fortunate to have both a washed Ethiopea and a dry-processed Ethiopea. It’s really amazing to compare and contrast the two. For those who are unfamiliar, dry-processing means that the coffee seed is dried with the cherry fruit still on it. Many of the fruit flavors come out in the seed after it’s roasted. In contrast, a washed coffee removes most of the fruit, then the seed is fermented in water and the remainder of the fruit is removed before drying. This results in a little less of a fruity cup but both are incredible clean and wonder coffees.

With that, we’ve now entered winter and with that, we are partnering with Native Hill Farms again for their Winter CSA pickups at Equinox Brewing every other Wednesday through the winter. There you can pick up your subscriptions or we also always bring some extra coffees so stop by, have a brew, and snag a bag of coffee to take home!

On Wednesday (November 18th), Snowbank is tapping Cranknbrew which is full of 26 pounds of our Ethiopea coffee in it. Cranknbrew was originally a collaboration with Cranknstein before they closed up shop (RIP Cranknstein!). It’s a real honor to provide the coffee for this wonderful coffee pale ale! Join us for the tapping!

coffee beer

Dumping our coffee into the Cranknbrew beer!

Finally, don’t forget to sign up for a coffee subscription or order an extra bag or two for your Thanksgiving festivities next week!