Not all beans are created equal! If you’ve tried a few of our coffees, you’ve probably noticed distinct flavor differences across regions and have maybe discovered flavor preferences for certain regions over others. The same goes for our coffee roasting strategy for a new green coffee. Some of the characteristics that affect how you go about roasting a bean include:

  • region
  • elevation
  • moisture content

When we receive a new bag of green coffee that we carefully selected, our first step is to roast three samples. We’ll start with where we found success with a similar bean before, and then also roast a bit lighter and darker. Cupping is the next step to determine which roast matches the flavor profile we’re after.

After having the coffee for awhile, we might tweak the roast a bit There are two main ways we do this:

  1. Length of development of the roast which affects the development of the sugars
  2. The amount of air flow which enhances the acidity

Speaking of which– we have some new coffees available and more on the way! Check them out in our shop.

Featured image by James Neuhalfen