Most coffee seeds are dual in nature: they contain two seeds inside of a coffee cherry that grow against each other making them flat on one side. A peaberry occurs when only one seed germinates and grows inside of a coffee cherry, making a round seed.

Peaberries make up about five percent of the coffee crop and are usually separated. They need to be roasted differently from your regular flattened beans and usually roast much faster than larger beans. In the featured photo, the beans on the left are peaberries where as the one on the right are our El Salvador. You can tell a bit from the photo how a normal coffee bean has that signature flat side to it, but the peaberry on the left has a notable round shape and no flat side.

We currently have a new peaberry for your to try: Sumatra Toba Batak Peaberry. This Sumatra is quite different from the Sumatra we’ve had in early fall. This bean has rustic, earthy sweetness, cocoa, and a full body. We also noted it lacked a lot of the vegetal notes the other Sumatra had. You’ll have to try it and let us know what you think!