This past Tuesday, Peritus Coffee was a part of the RMCCA (Rocky Mountain Craft Coffee Alliance) Extract Series “The Taproom Takeover” event. Partnerships included: Corvus Coffee at Locavore in Littleton, Novo Coffee at Epic Brewing in Denver, Peritus Coffee at Snowbank Brewing in Fort Collins, and Coffee Shrub at Horse & Dragon in Fort Collins. We enjoy heading over to play mixologist with Coffee Shrub at Horse & Dragon before our event started and particularly enjoyed their Kenya!!

We partnered with our friendly local brewery Snowbank  to pair different styles of their beers with different styles of cold brew. Participants were able to play mixologist and spoon different varieties of beer and coffee together in their chosen ratios to make custom coffee beers.

For Snowbank’s beers we used Moon Arete (Belgian Wheat), Bike Trial Pale Ale, Inclination IPA, and a stout. For coffees, we cold brewed our new Ethiopea (super fruity), a Rwanda (medium-bodied), and our Espresso Blend (full-bodied). One of our favorite but most surprising mixed was Moon Arete with the Ethiopea coffee!

Thanks all for attending and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!