When people think of quality coffee, oftentimes the first thing that pops up in their mind is the bean itself, but really, the grinder you use can enhance your experience tremendously. Upgrading from a blade grinder to a burr grinder is one of the best upgrades you can make to increase the quality of your coffee. What’s the difference between a blade and a burr grinder?

A blade grinder uses, well, blades that whirl the beans around and cut them down into a grind. It’s challenging to control the grind and impossible to get a uniform grind. The blades can also heat the beans and even scorch them, resulting in an off-putting taste! With different coffee methods needing different grinds (ex. french press is best with a coarse grind and espresso is best with a very fine grind), it’s all but impossible to optimize the extraction of your coffee with an uneven grind.

A burr grinder has two abrasive discs or cones that grinds the beans between them, a few beans at a time. This allows the grinder to be significantly more uniform and precise. Burr grinders have the ability to set how coarse or fine you want your beans to be ground, allowing for optimal extraction based on your preparation method. Burr grinders are a bit more expensive than blade grinders, but your coffee experience will be taken to the next level.

Peritus Coffee offers grinders from Baratza. Their Encore model is rated very high for quality for cost and is actually what Whitney uses at home. You can purchase here!

Here’s a customer, Justin’s experience switching from a blade to burr grinder:

Previously, I was using a blade grinder and counting to 10 in order to get the desired grind. There was no way to vary the particle size depending on the brewing method. The grind was also very inconsistent with larger chunks of beans mixed with the finer grounds. With the burr grinder, I can now get a precise grind and vary it whether using a drip, French press, or Aeropress to make my coffee. The more consistent grind also helps to extract more flavor from the beans, making for a more enjoyable cup of coffee. Thanks for the recommendation, Quinn!