Now that we’ve been open for a few months, it’s so exciting celebrating our network of friends of Peritus Coffee. We love getting feedback on coffees you are loving and how you are digging preparing your coffee. We think it’s so fun to enjoy coffees from different regions of the world and compare and contrast flavor notes…each region is so special and fun! We love seeing different preferences each customer has and their personal experience with coffee…some are adventurous drinkers, some prefer to stick with one variety, others have rituals like decaf with Bailey’s before bed, and even others are strictly espresso drinkers…then there are the 2-3 cups a day folks to the “coffee on occasion” ones.

craft coffee

We have a handful¬†of new varieties right now- a decaf, a new Ethiopea, Timor is our latest Around the World Series… We encourage you to try some of the ever changing varieties we have…each kind offers a unique experience. With that being said, the best way for us to continue to bring a wide variety of types of coffee is for you to help us increase our reach and share Peritus Coffee love with your friends through word of mouth. ¬† Thank you for your continued support and sharing the Peritus Coffee love with your friends and family! Cheers!