That’s right. We’re excited to announce a partnership with Revive Gardens CSA in Fort Collins this year. When you go to pick up your veggies you can also pick up a bag of Peritus Coffee among other awesome things like sustainably raised meats or farm-fresh eggs…they are your one-stop farm shop! One of our favorite things about owners Eli and Sarah is their passion for not just growing beautiful veggies but their passion for being stewards of all aspects of the land including the soil and water and nurturing each plant for its full potential. They are still accepting new CSA members for this year! Check them out. Their season runs for 20 weeks starting in June. (Best kept secret: They also grow the best, damn tomatoes in town. Period.)

Revive Gardens CSA

We had them over yesterday to show them the roasting process and how the beans transform through the roasting process. Of course, being farmers, they were also very excited about seeing the harvest season for beans in different regions and all the different varietals of coffee trees that exist! Whenever talking about coffee, it always comes back to the amazing individuals and farmers who painstakingly nurture the coffee tree from seed to tree to coffee cherry!

Green Espresso Coffee Beans

Our espresso blend before going in the roaster.

FullSizeRender (11)

A few minutes into the roast, the green hue is gone and now we see the beans expanding and turning more golden.

Coffee Roasting Scent

Sarah smelling a sample a few minutes before the coffee roast is done. Characteristics of the bean are highlighted at different levels of roasting.

What better way to conclude a roasting session than to prepare beautiful cups of coffee. First we prepared a Chemex of our Sulawesi. That Chemex produces such a clean cup every time and highlights the fun fruit notes in the Sulawesi. We also prepared a couple of lattes- we’re super pleased with our espresso blend and all the complex flavors it offers. In Eli’s words- “This is the best latte I’ve ever had!” Look at those happy faces 🙂

Happy Peritus Espresso Latte

Eli and Sarah are way excited about the complex flavors in this latte!


Thanks for the fun Revive Gardens! We had fun learning about the such passionate farming and sharing coffee with you!