Coffee cupping serves as a very important purpose along the supply chain of coffee. It is a way to evaluate a coffee whether it’s for quality straight off the farm, for an importer or roaster to choose to buy, or for a roaster to evaluate their own roasting. If you are cupping for any reason other than the latter, the coffee is roasted with a standard protocol. In theory, this allows everyone to be comparing the “same” coffee and speak the same language about the coffee when communicating. Standardized forms and protocols further allow that same language to be spoken about coffee.

Beyond that, from a consumer standpoint, it’s honestly a super fun way to try a range of coffees and get to enjoy the nuances of different origins, regions, or roasts. ¬†Understandably, it might be hard to really determine flavor nuances across different coffees if you don’t have access to a bunch of varieties at the same time. You might find that you really like a certain coffee at different temperatures but not others, or maybe you’ll discover a new origin you had not tried before.

Join us tomorrow, July 28th at 10am for a cupping and try it yourself!