The decaf coffees we offer are decaffeinated by the Swiss Water Process. What’s the deal with that? Swiss-water process is a chemical-free water decaffeination process. Some argue that this is superior to other solvent-based decaffeination methods. The Swiss Water Method facility is based in Vancouver, Canada. The extra transport for beans to Vancouver explains the extra cost associated with Swiss Water Processed decaf beans! It is also almost exclusively used on organic coffees.

How does this solvent-free method work? First beans are soaked in very hot water and then the water is passed through an activated charcoal filter. This filter only captures the large caffeine molecules in the water and the remaining water is full of the coffee oils and flavor. The flavorless, caffeine-less beans are discarded. The rich flavor water is then used to remove caffeine from a fresh set of beans. Only the caffeine is removed and very little flavor is lost thanks to the flavor-filled water. A common complaint for decaf coffees is that they lack flavor, and this method helps combat that.

We currently offer a decaf Guatamala. Order now!