One of the easiest ways to enhance your morning cup of coffee is to properly grind the coffee based on how you prepare it. Using an appropriate grind helps bring out the true quality flavors of coffee.

If you don’t have your grind right, then your coffee will be over or under extracted. Over-extracted coffee will be bitter coffee. Under-extracted coffee will be watery. Neither of those options are enjoyable!¬†As a roaster you use a refractometer when you cup coffee to measure if a coffee is over or under extracted and learn how to make adjustments to the grind based on your results.

A common mistake that home-coffee consumers make is to initially set their grinder and then never touch it again. Don’t be afraid to touch it! Certain coffees might need an adjustment depending on the coffee and definitely will based on the preparation method. Proper adjustments can make what initially tastes like a bad coffee taste like a great coffee with an adjustment!

The best rule of thumb is, if your coffee tastes too strong and bitter, then the grind is too fine and you should adjust to make a bit more coarse. If your coffee tastes weak and underdeveloped, then it’s likely too coarse of a grind. Touch that grinder and enjoy a much better coffee experience!