Coffee cupping is like a quality assurance program for your roasted coffee. If you are unfamiliar with coffee cupping, it’s a process of evaluating roasted coffee at different stages from freshly ground to brewed coffee using both smell and taste at different steps of the way. Coffee cupping is a repeatable process to consistently evaluate the coffee you’ve roasted every time. Here’s an in depth article on all the steps of the coffee cupping protocol.

As a roaster, regular cupping ensures that you are roasting consistently and within your standards. With your cupping standards, you establish pass/fail metrics for your standards you’ve established, using your sensory attributes. Cupping also helps you identify roasting defects or bean defects.

At Peritus, we cup 95% of the batches we roast as a way to evaluate for our own pass/fail coffee standards. As green coffee ages, you want to be sure the flavors hold up the way you expect them to. Sometimes they do not and you need to adjust your roasting approach as a coffee ages.